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God Has Spoken: The Power Of The Word


Southern Baptists proudly assert that we are a "people of the Book!" In this article, Luke reminds of how crucial it is that we not let this simply become something we say, about actually allow it to form how we live....

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Book Review: "Why Trust The Bible?" by Greg Gilbert


Is the Bible a trustworthy document? Greg Gilbert says it is and John gives a great review of this powerful, but short book....

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3 Words To Avoid When Apologizing


These three words can take a real apology and turn it into an apology imposter. ...

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Children in a Broken World


Should we keep bringing children into a world as broken as ours? Jenny Sheppard helps us develop a biblical framework for why the answer to that question is Yes!...

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Its The Little Things...


Living a life on mission means allowing our ordinary lives to be used by an extraordinary God....

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A lesson on love ...

A few years ago a meme was making its way around the internet. The punchline was "Jesus doesn't care how many Bible verses you have memorized. He cares about how you treat people." I cringed each time I saw it shared on social media. Surely, this message was for the Pharisees; the legalistic, holier-than-thou types who condemn everyone short of perfection without so muc...

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DNOW 2018

Check out the video to see all of the amazing things God did at DNOW 2018 ... It was awesome. ...

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Update From Mercy Hill

CBC Update ...

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Star Search and Serving the Lord

I grew up watching Star Search hosted by Ed McMahon. Even as a little kid, I was captivated by the talent these regular people were exhibiting through the screen. As years went by, I continued to be impressed by contestants on American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, my personal favorites among dozens of other talent-seeking television programs. As much as I love musi...

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