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Church is not just an event we attend, but it is a people to whom we belong. And that means we place high value on creating ways for you to enfold your life into the life of Central Baptist. To help you with that, we have created The Discipleship Pathway. Please take a second to watch the video and then scroll down to get more details! 

Disciplemaking Triad-2

MAKE | Find Community In A Life Group
The first step in getting more plugged in to the life of Central Baptist is by getting involved in a Life Group. These smaller gatherings of believers are intended to help you study the Bible in the context of Biblical community. Groups are offered Sunday mornings at both 9:00 and 10:30 am, complimenting and encouraging participation in one of our two worship services being held at the alternate time.

MATURE | Grow In The Word By Taking Equip Classes Or Joining A Growth Group
There are two avenues in which we seek to help our faith family mature in their faith: Growth Groups and Equip Classes. Let's take each one in turn.

a. Growth Groups are made up of 4-6 men or women who meet twice a month for one year with the goal of applying the Scriptures to each others' lives, confessing sin to one another, and reminding each other of the trasnforming grace found only in the Gospel. At the end of the year, each member of the group prayerfully considers beginning their own Growth Group the following year. Important Note: Due to the nature of these groups, you must be a member of Central before participating. 

b. Equip Classes are open to everyone and take place on Monday & Wednesday evenings during the Fall & Spring semesters. These classes are like a Church-based seminary, aimed at helping you grasp the "core content" of the Christian faith and training you in disciple-making. Similar to Growth Groups, when you begin taking the classes, you will be placed within an Equip Cohort of 2-3 people of the same gender so that you can learn together. 

MULTIPLY | Advance The Mission Through A Serve Team Or Go Team
The final step in The Discipleship Pathway is to join a Serve Team and/or Go Team. Serve Teams are composed of all the ministries which take place within the walls of the church. Go Teams, on the other hand, detail all of the ways in which we engage in ministry outside the walls of the church. 

So... What's My First Step On The Discipleship Pathway?

Find community in a Life Group.