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Equip Groups

Equip Groups at Central are designed with the goal of helping you mature in your faith. 

So, What Is An Equip Group?

Equip Groups consist of 3-4 men or 3-4 women who complete one of our Equip Class tracks together. During class time, this means they sit at the same roundtable for discussion. In between class times, they pair up to complete any reading or assignments. 

What's The Difference Between A Life Group & An Equip Group?

Life Groups are generally based on age and stage of life and are centered around studying books of the Bible. Once you find the Life Group that is right for you, you may be a part of that group for a number of years. Equip Groups, on the other hand, are multi-generational, gender-based groups. They meet together for the length of their course each semester (12-15 weeks) for a maximum of four years (if the group chooses to do the full sequence of both tracks). 

What Tracks Are Available?

At Central, we have developed all of our learning opportunities with a loose sequential order in mind. The best, first step to take in growing in your knowledge of the Word is by joining one of our Life Groups. Once you've "gotten your feet wet" you're then ready to jump into an Equip Group. Once in an Equip Group, we would encourage you to begin with the Foundations track, though that is not a pre-requisite for the Missional Engagment track. For clarity, let's talk about both. 

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(1) Foundations. These courses cover the "core content" of the Christian faith. You and your Equip Group will take one class each semester for two years. Those courses are: Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Christian Beliefs, & Christian Practices.

(2) Missional Engagement. This track is intended to give everyday followers of Christ the opportunity to receive seminary-accredited training in disciple-making. Through Spurgoen College and Midwestern Seminary, we now offer advanced level courses at an incredibly affordable price ($50 per course). Similar to Foundations, you'll take one class each semester for two years. Those courses are: Biblical Interpretation, Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology, & Christian Ethics. Even if you aren't planning to pursue a seminary degree, we encourage you to take these courses for your own growth in Christ and to receive the training you need to make an impact for Christ where you live, work, and play. 

How Do I Sign Up For An Equip Group?

Simple. Just register for the current course offering and then we will place you with a group. If there are others that you would like to be with you in the group, just include their names when you register. CLICK HERE to sign up for Fall 2021.