Join us on Sundays at 9:00 & 10:30!

Serve Teams help adavance the mission by joining our efforts in providing ministry within the walls of our church facility so that our faith family may continue to grow in maturity. Listed below are the main areas where you can begin to get involved! 

1. Welcome Team

Description: This team exists to passionately pursue Gospel hospitality by warmly welcoming guests and members onto Central's campus each Sunday. There are three primary facets to this ministry: Parkers who help direct traffic, greeters who stand near each entrance, and ushers who help guests find comfortable seating in the Worship Center.

Schedule: Welcome Team members serve one Sunday each month and rotate serving on months with a 5th Sunday.

Contact: Brian Puckett

2. Security Team*

Description: This crew ensures the physical security of our faith family during corporate worship and for special events throughout the year. 

Schedule: Security Team members serve one Sunday a month and volunteer for special events.

Contact: Bruce Trask

3. Audio/Visual Team

Description: Team members help us to provide God-Centered corporate worship each Sunday. The jobs here are quite varied. From running cameras to manning the sound board, this team is a great fit for those who want to use their technological know-how to glorify Christ!

Schedule: Varies.

Contact: Trevor Bennett

4. Worship Team

Description: Has God gifted you musically? If so, we invite you to help lead our members in God-centered worship! 

Schedule: Varies

Contact: Jessica Bennett

5. Pre-school Ministry*

Description: We are so thankful for the many little ones who are now a part of our Central family! This ministry has seen significant growth over recent years and that means that we need God-called volunteers who will provide loving care for them! From rocking infants to playing with our toddlers, this is a great way to get involved! 

Schedule: Varies

Contact: Connie Custer (Preschool Director) 


6. Children's Ministry*

Description: Psalm 78 reminds us of the importance of passing on the Faith to our children so that they will be established in truth. There are many ways you can help us do that! Examples include: teaching Sunday school every other Sunday, helping as a teacher assistant, helping parents feel at ease by helping them check in their children for the first time, coming on Wednesday nights to take part in our GAs or RAs program, or pitching in with our yearaly Vacation Bible School. 

Schedule: Every other Sunday | Wednesdays vary

Contact: Katie Creery (Children's Ministry Director) 


7. Student Ministry*

Description: Working with teenagers is so rewarding, as you get to see them own their faith for the first time. Teaching a class, helping out with special yearly events, or simply coming on Wednesday nights to get to know them better, we want you to see the blessing it is to be a part of this ministry!

Schedule: Varies

Contact: Kevin Stout (Student Pastor) 


8. Recreation Ministry*

Description: Central offers a number of avenues to help people get familiar with our church and for members to develop deeper relationships with one another through our Recreation ministry. Areas to serve here include helping coach an Upward Team or volunteer as a referree for Upward games, help our director in hosting special events such as our annual Glow Golf Scramble, or helping out at concession stands.

Schedule: Varies

Contact: Devin Smith

9. Resource Center

Description: Central's Resource Center is a hybrid of a library and bookstore. We would love for you to help us carry out this vital ministry in putting sound theological resources in our members' hands. 

Schedule: Every other Sunday morning or Wednesday evening

Contact: Beth Thompson

*These ministries require a background check prior to participation.